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Forrest Fenn Interview

As a kid, like most kids, one of the dreams that I had growing up was finding some sort of buried treasure.  I would follow the treasure map that some pirate drew up and that map would lead me on an Indiana Jones worthy trek where I would find treasure.  It would be epic.  But, for some reason, as we grow up, the idea of going on a treasure hunt becomes a forgotten dream.  That is for everyone except my guest that I speak to today.  Not only is he a real-life treasure hunter, he is an extremely successful business man. He has also hidden a treasure worth an estimated $2 Million in the Rocky Mountains, and has challenged the world to find it. I wanted to know more about his life and how he ended up being who he is today.  So,  I packed up my recording equipment and traveled all the way to Santa Fe New Mexico to speak to the one and only, Forrest Fenn. 

If you want to learn more about the treasure hunt, check out these resources:

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  1. Great interview, great questions!

  2. Excellent! Thank you and Forrest both! PS, I love the music! God bless you and your mother Nellie…I sure miss doing things with mine.

  3. i think its in montana wat u think

    1. Who knows right? I have looked mainly in Colorado since it has been the closest, but I think I’ll be looking to a different state sooner than later. Have you gone and looked for it?

  4. I enjoyed the interview. What was the air date of the interview. Thanks.

    1. We did the interview on October 12, 2019, and the interview was first put online on November 24th. Thanks!

  5. Interesting podcast. I wish I had time to go treasure hunting.

  6. Bronson, when you did this interview of Forrest on October 12, 2019, were you aware that he was posting an amazing Scrapbook every other day? If you examine Scrapbook 209 thru SC Book 247, posted which was on posted Dec 12, 2019, Forrest is an amazing person, at 89 he might be one of the most active people on planet earth… at a rate of one every two and half days which he does with such clarity from memory seems unique, few humans have ever been that expressive. I think when the actual chest is located and the poem riddle is explained/exposed it will be in my humble opinion a spiritual message, as you related at the end of your podcast, it may well be that the first clue, we all know as “Where Warm Waters Halt” is in fact a place in Forrests Church in the Mountains, I, like you, am a believer, I know Forrest Father was probably a Baptist, since that is where his funeral ceremony was held, and he once related to me that his father would know where he hid the treasure. If he took 15 years to write it, the poem must surely have a spiritual message. What do you think?

    1. Hey Tom! No, I did not know he was publishing content every other day. When I spoke to him after the interview he told me that he was going to publishing a lot with Dal though. Forrest is a great guy, he really had no reason to speak to me, as I didn’t have a lot to offer to him. He truly is one-of-a-kind. Also, my first attempt to solve the riddle I believed that it had some pretty strong religious to it. So much so that I searched in Sangre De Cristos (Blood of Christ) mountain range in Colorado. That mountain range has a lot of abandoned mines and tales of missing gold, so I felt like it could have been a place that he would have come by. It is also very beautiful! The article I posted on my site has some of the pictures. I have since started looking elsewhere as I ran out of ideas for that area. To tell you the truth though, I try not to read into anything Forrest says too much in regards to the search… I feel that any little thing can lead you on a wild goose chase, so I try to just focus on the poem and a map. Where are you at in the search? Do you have any theories? Have you gone out before? Thanks for listening and for the comment!

  7. Bronson, I wrote this Solution on March 07, 2017… also I posted this on Dals Book of Blazes … just 4 days later Forrest posted this about winning a “Church Bingo”…then the theme of several of his Scrapbooks 169 thru 175 showed train bells, church or mission bells and a book by his good friend Eric Sloane called “The Sound of Bells” the reason I bring this up is because each of the Steam Locomotives on the Narrow Gauge RR has a Steam Horn and Bell, Eric Sloane gave him one and it is shown in one of the Scrapbooks 172 mounted on Kiva Support from San Lazaro Mission, the Scrapbook 171 shows the pieces of the broken bell from that same Mission he had excavated. I think, no I am pretty sure that the Where Warm Waters Halt is very easy to spot if you look a the front of any Church. THis one IMHO is in Spanish.

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